Welcome to Indieslant!

If you stumbled across this site, you’re probably wondering, what is Indieslant? Well, curious reader, this is a blog with a focus on the indie music scene, through the eyes of an indie artist.

I’m going to cover topics that don’t get reported on by major music news outlets. Topics like building your business as an independent musician, how to set up your own label, how to book your own tour, how to get songs placed in film and tv.  I’ll be doing interviews with major players on the business of music, who will offer their industry knowledge and expertise to the Indieslant community. I’m even going to spotlight up and coming indie artists and cover music subcultures that often get overlooked.  

You may also be wondering why a singer/songwriter such as myself would want to take time away from their music to write a blog of this nature. Well, this year, I got a gig as an on- camera reporter for Style Music TV. Since January, I’ve interviewed people like Matt Damon, James Taylor, Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, James McAvoy, and Christopher Plummer. I’ve covered events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the San Sebastian Film Festival, and various movie premieres and award galas throughout the city. Aside from these entertainment- focused events, I also got assigned music business conferences, such as the Billboard Music and Money Symposium, the Billboard Touring Conference and Awards, as well as Digital Music East. These events were chock full of information about the current state of the industry. Sitting there, conference after conference, I took it all in and wanted to share the invaluable knowledge gained with my fellow independent musicians.
My boss at Style Music TV suggested that I start my own blog.

So without further ado, I give you Indieslant. I hope you dig! And I hope that you’ll be apart of the dialogue. Please stay in touch and shoot me an e-mail with any questions, comments, or story ideas. I can be reached at indieslant@gmail.com

Yours in music,

Jennifer Logue

2 responses to “Welcome to Indieslant!

  1. Cesar Hernandez

    I just stumbled into your new blog and I can’t wait to find out what’s going on in the music world – from the inside! Keep us informed on the new album – can’t wait to hear it. Much love!!!

  2. Indieslant is going to be interesting and resourceful in so many ways. Given the unique perspetive it will have, Indieslant will surely open up the eyes and minds of indie artist everywhere. As an indie artist myself, I look foward to learning, analyzing and sharing ideas in future articles.

    Joel Zamble

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