The AIMP Pitch Session- Part 1: The Living Room, NYC

The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) is a great organization to be apart of if you’re serious about a career in music. Founded in 1977, with offices in both New York and Los Angeles, AIMP sets out to educate as well as provide a channel to discuss the most current music publishing issues facing the industry today. In addition, AIMP is constantly offering its creative members ways to get their music heard. One of my favorites is the AIMP Pitch Session.

The event takes place in two parts. At the first session, which took place on March 24th at the Living Room in New York City, a panel of industry insiders “briefed” a roomful of songwriters on three major label songwriting opportunities.

Moderated by Richard Stumpf of Cherry Lane Music Publishing, the panel focused on finding new material for Atlantic Records artist, Shanna Crooks, Mercury Records artist, Jessie James, and RCA artist, David Cook. The panel played a few of the artists’ old songs and then presented material similar to what is currently being sought.

“We want hooks. We want them sticky. Take that as you want,” said Richard Stumpf, when asked for songwriting tips from an audience member.
The second part of the session is slated to take place on April 28th. The songwriters present at the first meeting were given an e-mail address to present one song for each artist. A few of the songs will be featured, critiqued, and possibly placed at the AIMP Pitch Session: Part II. The deadline for song submissions is April 14th.

For information on how you can get involved with this and future AIMP events, visit:

The Living Room, NYC

Maureen Lloren (Glassnote), Jill Pedone (Cherry Lane), Richard Stumpf (Cherry Lane), and David Hoffman (Shapiro Bernstein)

2 responses to “The AIMP Pitch Session- Part 1: The Living Room, NYC

  1. Well, I have to say I am very excited to see what people have produced for David Cook. He is my very favorite musician. Although I love the earlier music he wrote and also the songs he has co-written, it will be exciting to see what you have created with him and his voice in mind. Coming off of American Idol he had more songs in the Hot Billboard 100 than any artist since the Beatles. They were covers, and it is an indicator of how beautifully he can interpret songs. Again, looking forward to what you have created with huge anticipation. Good luck.

  2. Cook is a terrific songwriter in his own right — ironic that they’re looking for hooks — actually, I’d say his strength is chorus writing. Make it good if you want his attention, just sayin’ — and believe me there are a gazallion of us waiting to buy your song if Cook records it.

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